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Full Version: White Scrolls
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(WHITE SCROLL PURCHASES ARE ON HOLD FOR A COUPLE DAYS. I'll remove this when I will be buying them again.)

IGN: Lewd
Price: 25dot ea

I'm buying an indefinite amount of White Scrolls. If you're saving vote points for Clean Slate Scrolls, you can get white scrolls for half the points and I'm paying 5dot less than CSS market price. Whisper me in game or leave your IGN in comment and I'll try contacting you in game when I see it. 30dot ea is negotiable depending on the amount of WS.

(As I'm not particularly in a rush, I'd recommend saving up 5vp and getting 6 WS if you're considering this.)

(Edit after I realized I'm not an infinite source of dots: if you're willing to sell me WS through VP please reply to the thread or PM me in game before buying them. If I don't have the dots to buy the amount you want to sell or do not need WS at that time it'll just waste your VP.)
Hi, if you can tell how many you need i can get them for you Big Grin (got 39 actually)

(02-26-2017, 08:25 AM)SunRaine Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, if you can tell how many you need i can get them for you Big Grin (got 39 actually)

I'd say I'm shocked at the amount but you are of now it's indefinite since I'm gonna fail basically every scroll for my overall and secondary. I'm willing to buy all 39 for 30ea. I don't have the full capital now but I'm farming so I'll have it soon. I can PM you here when I have the full amount or you can message me in game and sell some now if that works for you.