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Full Version: Game Content Balancing
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Hiya. I know I quit the server already but I had this draft written out before and wanted to post it to potentially help out the server.

There aren't enough mobs and equipment set in the right stages of the game to encourage new players to continue playing between early to end game content.
     The primary mob spawner NPC works too much as an all-in-one for every stage in the game. Grinding Lilynouch takes far too little effort as the end-game meso farming mob for non-donors. Once you hit 1k rebirths and get 2-4 MSI you can farm dots pretty effectively making a very low ceiling for end-game content. Without either donating or buying DS off of someone (which has a nearly non-existent market) you have nothing to actually work towards.
     The rebirth ceiling is set just as low without autorbgm since Blue Mushmom farming has a cycle that leaves you at lvl 1, so only lvl 0 equipment and nx are active at that point. This leaves no reason to get the high wa IOC from event trophies.

Here are my suggestions addressing the major issues I see.

FM 18-22: Boss Spawners
The Boss / Lady Boss / Horntail / Zakum / Papulatus / Pianus / etc
[This spawner is directly related to my equipment suggestion.]

FM 13-17: End Game Spawners
New mobs that require stronger stats to farm than Blue Mushmom and Lilynouch. No specific mobs in mind, maybe mobs from higher level farming spots like El Nath (Banes, Cooler and Miner Zombies) / Leafre (Skelegons, Wyverns) / Temple of Time (Monks, Guardians).
[The bare minimum to start 1 shot farming Blue Mushmom and Lilynouch is incredibly low. This makes them easy to access, but also limits the bar set to efficiently farm the non-donor mobs.]

FM 7-12: Mid Game Spawners
Tweak Blue Mushmom and Lilynouch hp/exp/meso rate

FM 1-6: Early Game Spawners
No edit

OT: Unclear how the suggestions above would be implemented

Add equipment with stats similar to an IOC that can only be obtained through drop. Drop rate should be at a 1/1000(000) rate from a mob on the Boss Spawner floor. Ex: The Boss drops an equip with a 1/1000000 drop rate; Lady Boss drops an equip with a 1/100000 drop rate; Horntail drops an equip with a 1/10000 drop rate.
[Encourages an endless grind outside of the usual rebirth/dot farming. Gives the "Looter" occupation purpose.]

To give Event Trophies/Items of Choice actual purpose for non-donors I suggest adding @autorbgm to the Trainer occupation at 2k rebirths. Adding this to the rebirthing occupation instead of an independent command at 2k rebirths will continue restricting people to the occupation they choose. (Not allowing people to both farm meso and rebirths at once without the donor status commands.)

In my opinion, these are very solid thoughts.
The server is definitely lacking some mid-game content, and I think your ideas can really help in terms of balancing.

Also, @autorbgm should 100% be on trainer, I don't know why its not.

In terms of the rare boss equipment, I really feel like something like that should be added, for more late-game type grinding.
Hello there Lewd! I will address each point as simple as I can.

Since we've been doing rewrites for many NPCs, boss spawners are most likely going to be revised as well. Your suggestion isn't bad overall, a solid suggestion. I'll see what I can do. If anything the only thing that comes to mind is increasing HP, and adding more mobs to close large HP gaps. But HP, EXP, and Meso drops are most likely going to remain the same.

The reason why only donors were able to access Auto Rebirth GM was for a perk, but the idea will be discussed. If Auto Rebirth GM were to be implemented to the Trainer occupation, then it would most likely have a greater rebirth requirement as you have stated.

For your boss spawner suggestion, what kind of stats would there bosses have HP wise, EXP wise, or even Meso wise? These are the general things I look for when adding new mobs to a boss spawner.  Regarding these unique stat item drops, the only possible solution is adding an entirely new item. This is possible and would most likely be done if this portion of the suggestion is put into place. What kind of stats would the item have to make sure it's not too weak, but players feel a sense of accomplishment when they obtain it?

Thank you for the suggestion!