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Full Version: Monthly Reset Winners
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JQ Winners: Your Event Points will be rewarded automatically
Prestige Winners: Visit Jean to claim your reward! Only 3 DPS Crystal MAX but will still receive Peridots (Replica) rewards. But, still have to be first place in order to win the DPS Crystal!

Excelling to goals where many of us can only dream, here are the top 3 JQ and Prestige players, congratulations!

1. IGN: 3KOH | JQ Points: 1469 | Reward: 300 Event Points
2. IGN: Smexy | JQ Points: 1162 | Reward: 150 Event Points
3. IGN: Keyloqqinq | JQ Points: 1025 | Reward: 75 Event Points

1. IGN: Shea | Prestige: 10964| Reward: 250 Peridots (Replica) & 1 DPS Crystal
2. IGN: Opocut | Prestige: 10123 | Reward: 125 Peridots (Replica)
3. IGN: Enginenilla | Prestige: 9172 | Reward: 60 Peridots (Replica)

Past winners month went wrong o.O
Fixed! They should now reflect the respective months points are earned by the last day of the stated month.