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Full Version: {Suggestion} (Event)
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Players move around O platform freely for 15 seconds, host then kills map and spawns 3 random bombs, who ever is on the exploding platform is out.

Final 2 players, host rolls 1-2 to determine winner.


GM is invisible on random O platfom. Players have 10 seconds to pick playform, GM then enables tag killing. Whoever is on GMs playform and dies is out.


X & O platforms are numbered from left to right from top to bottom.
Players split between them evenly.
A team captain for each team takes turns calling numbers.
If your number is called you are out.
Musical Chairs - It is Terrorist/Bomberman.. 100% Terrorist/Bomberman without a doubt.

Psycho - Same thing as Russian Roulette.

Battle Ship - it's somewhat similar to 1~100/boom but as an individual player
still different / good ideas tho