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Full Version: Wz Update [12.13.17]
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Quote:Honestly there's not much else to say in this WZ update, other than the usual:
"Okay cool new items!"
"Come see me if you're bugged or you have a broken/missing item"

As usual, see me in-game or PM me on discord if your character is stuck or notice anything out of the ordinary.

Special thanks to @Narc for taking the time out of his life in contributing to this WZ update by adding some new items.

▸A couple of JQ's will be added to the JQ list in the very near future, so get those jumping fingers ready!

▸A few items have been added to Common Equip and NX Gachapons.

▸Chair Gachapon has been updated with all the current chairs.

▸Pet list has been updated with all the current pets.

▸Even more small UI changes that probably no one will ever notice!

▸Pirates have been re-added to the game!
(Modified of course, certain skills disable to avoid crashing and other bugs)

Outside of the game:
You can now type your PIC at the login screen. Hooray for being able to log in half a second quicker!

Click HERE to download from the downloads page, or click HERE to download from the mirror links (Google Drive).

Have fun yall!