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Full Version: Valentine's Day/Lunar New Years 2018
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this page will update as we draw closer to the actual event, so make sure to check back in case anything changes!

Happy Valentine’s Day, family and friends! 
[Image: 2cwx0g9.png]
Visit Len & me at home (@home) to start!

For those of you celebrating, whether it be single or taken, we need a little help! My twin and I want to bring flowers for Mom and Dad, but the mobs are too strong for us to collect them! If you’re willing to help, this is how this will go...

You'll have the option of participating by yourself or with a partner. And choose wisely! You will NOT be able to change this once a decision is made.

If you collect flowers, will you bring them back for us? I need 50 flowers (dropped by every mob in the MapleKey world) and 5 million mesos for the wrapping paper to make the bouquet. For our thanks, for each bouquet you hand over to me I will give a point (If you chose to work with your partner, the both of you must be online and on the same channel to turn the bouquet in)! These points can be used to trade for other cute outfits, medals, and chairs.

**You'll only get the prizes of your respective side so choose wisely!! **

If you’re independent af this year, you’ll have access to these prizes:
[Image: 2lm6nba.png]
If you’re in love or just feeling some vibes and are participating as a couple, you’ll have access to these prizes:
[Image: 2a83pxf.png]
Medals come with 5k stats & 69 watt

Event duration: February 14, 2018 - February 28th, 2018 (starting & ending at daily reset)

Coinciding with these event, we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! The staff would like to wish everyone great fortune in the Year of the Pupper. 

If you find Red Envelopes (dropped by all mobs), come meet this NPC:
[Image: nytruh.png]
He'll let you know what you can do with them!
Event duration: February 16th, 2018 - February 19th, 2018