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Full Version: WZ Update [2.11.18]
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Same old same old!

Quote:See me in-game or PM me on Discord if your character is stuck or if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

A few changes to note:

▸Due to recent feedback, the in-game cursor has been changed back to default v0.83 style.
→If anyone actually prefers the v0.40 cursor, you can download it from here.

▸The chalkboard color has also been changed back to default.

▸Home map has been changed! (yes I'm sorry, but you'll have to re-edit your home map)

▸New JQ's will be added very soon.
→You'll crash in any new JQ if you don't extract Map.wz, so I highly recommend doing so!

Click HERE to download from the downloads page, or HERE to download from the mirror link (Google Drive).

Happy Mapling!