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Full Version: Donation FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

How long does it take for a donation to be processed?
All donations are processed manually by the owner so it can take up to two days for your donation to be processed. 

How do I know when I get my donation rewards?
Check the email associated with your PayPal account for further instructions on how to redeem your rewards. 

How do I redeem the code?
To redeem your code, copy (Ctrl + C) the Redeem Code from the email. Then, in game, use the command ‘@redeem’ and paste (Ctrl + V) the code after the command. Make sure the code you are entering does NOT include the “<“ and “>” characters. 

Each code is generated to be used by the account with the login ID/username that you specified in the Notes section of PayPal when you donated. If your code does not work or if you forgot to include your login ID/username in the Notes section of PayPal when you donated, please contact a Game Master through our Discord server. 

How much do I need to donate to get a Donor Status Point?
Donations of $20+ USD will receive at least one donor status point and award the player with the MapleKey Donor Medal. Donations that add up to $20, but are not cumulative, ie., two donations of $10, will NOT award you a Donor Status Point. If you donated in this manner, contact a Game Master on our Discord server and we will assist you to the best of our ability. Additionally, all donations must be in USD or they will be refunded. 

A Donor Status Point will give you access to all donor commands (@dcommands) and donor maps (@dmap). DS Points do not expire and are not used up when you issue a command or enter a map. If you have donated and received multiple DS Points, you may find it beneficial to sell extras to other players with the command @tradeds <IGN> <Amount>. 
Donor Points are rewards received with any donation above $1 USD. DP can be spent in game by using the @donate command. 

For more information about donation rewards and how they scale, click here