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Full Version: Storage bug
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I was in channel 1 fishing in map 3 (20+) when I opened up my storage to take out my peridot. After retrieving it, I took a look in my inventory and realised that it was not in my inventory. I reopened my storage and the peridot was missing from it as well.

Please assist to revert back my peridot. Thanks
Do you have proof of your transaction with the storage?
Unfortunately I don’t. There was no reason for me to take screenshots or videos while I was taking out my dot when the storage was working fine all along. It was only yesterday night when I wanted to use it that this happened. I thought there should be logs whereby the gm is able to verify with.

Plus I lost 1 dot = 1000 replica dots. If I wanted to scam the game I would have mentioned more. And I honestly wouldn’t have faked a bug report just to scam some dots. If possible please help to resolve this issue. I spent days to farm for it.
Sorry, we can't really help you if there's no proof of it.
We don't keep track of logs like that.