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Full Version: Wz Update [11/10/18]
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Yeah you know the drill by nowSmile

Quote:See me in-game or @ me on Discord in the #support channel if your character is stuck or if an item you've previously had has gone invisible.

Nothing really new in this WZ update, other than the usual "new items!!"

▸Hairs that have been deemed to be "ugly" by myself have been removed from the Stylist, page 4 . If you use/have used any of these hairs and would like to continue using them, please @ me on Discord and it'll be returned in the next WZ update. Sorry for any inconveniences!

▸For the time being, mounts will not be added
(It's way more advantageous to have 4 mounts (2 non-nx and 2 NX) rather than 2 (only non-NX) - and not that many people are buying 4 mounts because of this reason)

▸For the time being, pets will not be added
(It's way more advantageous to save your Dots and spend it on something actually useful - because of this, not that many people are buying pets from the NPC)

Just trying to keep the files as small as possible! Sorry, you know me ahaha
Also shoutout to the people who actually read these forums update threads, you're the best

Quote:If you're not using MapleKey's default client, please do not DM or @ me saying something is weird or off. Rest assured, the game will still be playable for you, but some things will just look pretty weird.
I'm not sorry : )

Quote:If you notice anything weird or out of the ordinary, please freaking @ me in the #support channel on Discord. Chances are I missed or forgot something. If you don't tell me something's broken it won't get fixed. If you do not use or have a Discord then make one. It only takes 2min tops to make one and that's basically the place to get instant support. Thank you for your cooperation.

Click HERE to download the new WZ!