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Full Version: MapleKey GM Handtool
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[Image: 686b8f0f2b.jpg]
You don't need to load from WZ anymore.
You can load from BIN!
[Image: 01c1fd2a70.jpg][Image: 01c1fd2a70.jpg][Image: 01c1fd2a70.jpg]

Want to see what items and styles are available on MapleKey? Well now you can!

  1. Download this file → HandTool
  2. Extract it anywhere
  3. Open the folder
  4. Launch "GM HandTool.exe"
  5. Click 'Load from BIN'.
[Image: d590555656.jpg] [Image: WEz96yK.png]

Click for example 'weapon' → It directly loads Wink

Head over to @sandbox and try some stuff out before you buy them!

Why BIN instead of WZ?
You can use WZ, but those who have 'bad' pc's might have extreme lag when loading for example 'Weapon'.
With BIN, you don't lag at all.

These I didn't make bin, because you don't need them.

[Image: 912aaac440.jpg]
[Image: ec94ec490c.jpg]
Decorated by Loretta
I will update this every time MapleKey's WZ Files update.
Updated 2/23/23