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char: Kinth... Does anyone have any tips, or any items to help?
This is a rebirth server, so the goal in the game is to reach level 200, @rebirth, then do it again and again and again.

Head over to @house when you’re ready to choose an occupation. The Trainer Occupation is recommended because it gives you the ability to auto rebirth, but choose wisely because it is quite expensive if you want to change your occupation.

@fm rooms 1-6 are a nice place to start killing mobs
@aio for weapons and equips
@shop for potions
@maxstat str/int/dex/luk if you feel like you can’t kill any of the mobs in the FM. Don’t worry about which one you should be maxing because you can always @reset str/dex/int/luk.

Farm with either Dragon Roar from the Dark Knight class or Genesis from the Bishop class.

Collect Maple Leaves from mobs and convert them to Golden Maple Leaves with the Maple Leaf NPC @home. You can then trade in GML for items with pretty high stats.

Get 1,000 rebirths before you start farming mesos in @fm 7-12 and ultimately Peridots (@buy when you have 2 bil mesos) and making Max Stat Items @msi.