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Full Version: [Suggestion] Gachapon Exchange
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Like, for example, you did like I did, acquired a bunch of tickets for the chair and equips Gachapons and just went nuts.... and then ended up with a bunch of stuff you don't want. It would be nice if we could exchange the things we don't want for more tickets. I think an exchange rate of 1 ticket : 3 unwanted items would be a fair and easy sink for the flood of unwanted items in our inventories. (Or maybe 1:5 would be better? Whatever you guys think is fair.)

I'm just sitting here with all of this STUFF and I would like to find some way to recycle them. Seems a waste to just drop them, and no one ever seems to be trading them either.
This is not a bad suggestion. I really like the idea of being able to recycle NX items and chairs from Gachapon in order to get more tickets.
However, the problem with this is that there are just too many NX items and chairs that are available through the Gachapon that have to be coded to be accepted by the NPCs.

As an alternative, I suggest doing what many other players do:
Make a new account/new character.
Transfer the NX items to the new account by dropping them on an obscure map or transfer them through @storage to a different character on the same account.

As for the chairs, we understand that some chairs are untradeable or worthless. This will be remedied shortly in a future WZ Update that will make all chairs tradeable. You can then transfer the chairs that you rarely use to another character.