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Full Version: We are Egoist!
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Founders: Suzy, Techno, EriiChan, Signal, Moonlight, Xhaos

[Image: UQZU9Zt.png]

Who are we?

We are a group of fun, active, and crazy people who are passionate about MapleKey. We make it our goal to be friendly and helpful to any and all players, both new and old alike. We love meeting new people, making new friends, and talking whenever we are online. We aim to create and grow a community within Maplekey so we can continue to help this server thrive and stay alive.  

How did this guild come to be?

A few weeks prior to this guild being created, there were not very many players actively playing on Maplekey. As time went on, a few players would join every few days and from those players, several became active and good friends with each other. After several days of talking, these players decided to make a guild and become a family. Thus Egotist was born!

Why should I join Egoist?

We are more than just a guild name. We are a guild family. To be in a guild family is to be in a group of friends that are very close within the online community, which is something that enhances your experience within the server ten-fold. The friends you make here will hopefully last throughout the years. 

As a little example, I was once huge into the Minecraft community, staffing on several servers, a few of which had quite a large player base. Before I staffed, I was largely involved in the community and lead several groups within them. I regularly talk to many of these people that I used to play these games with on a daily basis, some of which I have known for 3 to 4 years! 

In short: You should join us for fun times, friends to last for a long, long time, and to be a part of a guild that will help shape MapleKey into a large, active, and friendly community that will be bringing in players from all parts of the world!

How can I join?

Find us anywhere in-game and we will get you in. We accept any and all players who wish to become a member of our guild family. 

We look forward to meeting you all in-game. Be sure to be on the look-out for any Egoist member and say hello! That is, if we don't say hello first. Tongue 

Leadership Information

Leader: Suzy

Jr. Masters: Techno, EriiChan, Xhaos, Signal, MoonLight

Leader and Jr. Master Bios

[Image: UQgJKhL.jpg]

[Image: hYao7RL.jpg]

My name is Susie or Suzy (I don't really care).
I am fairly new to MapleKey, but whatever right? I am WAYYY to tired of non active servers so for this server, I just started to stalk everyone and forcing them to talk to me. Somehow, that led to the formation of friend groups and the beginning of an active server. To continue this process, a group of friends and I have created this guild to promote being active on the server. I am so glad I started such a wonderful process because it is a blessing to meet each and every person.
I don't like talking about myself so... Random facts??
1) I am Korean
2) I live in the US (whootwhoot)
3) I have nothing special about me
4) Im studying to be a doctor (I can save your life)

[Image: oA3ir3Q.jpg]

[Image: ycyEzIz.png]

Hello, everyone! I am Techno, but you can call me Chad if you want. I joined MapleKey around mid-March I would say. When I first joined, there was hardly a community and it was quiet and barren. As time went on, I started to find these goobers in the other bios and we all ended up getting pretty close. What interesting things can I say... Well, I am a drummer and a piano player, I have been around the online community for years now (mainly in the Minecraft coimmunity) and I am an incredibly talkative person! I am attending the University of North Georgia and am majoring in Computer Science with a German minor. My degree focus is in Information Security, so when I graduate, I will be one of the people protecting your online information and keeping you safe on the web! 

I won't make this bio an essay, so if you want to know more about me, find me in-game! I am usually on for a few hours in the mid-afternoon and am primarily on in the evening after around 6 or 7 PM EST. See you around MapleKey!





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Hello I'm Signal. I usually wear one color of NX clothes and make stupid jokes.






Nice job guys, hope we get more active members for this great server... a unique family just born !
hi can i still join this guild?
hmu @Suzy