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Full Version: Just wondering if my 20$ donation will be processed
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It's been almost 24 hours since my donation and I'm really looking forward to the donation status. Can someone tell me usually how long you have to wait for the code?
Hi DiscooMarcoo!

Thanks for donating to the server!

Did you leave your login ID in the notes section of PayPal when you donated?
If you did, then perfect! All donations are processed manually by the owner and can take up to two days to be processed. You will receive an email in the mailbox associated with your PayPal account with further instructions on how to redeem your rewards.
If you did not leave your login ID in the notes section of PayPal, please DM me on Discord as soon as possible and I'll get this resolved for you.

For future reference, consider joining our Discord server for help with questions like this at a faster pace. It only takes a minute or two to make a Discord account and our community is much more active on Discord than on the forums.