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Full Version: Events other than JQ
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Hello~~! Hope you're having a great day so far!

I'm Bagel and I am an old donor that used to play in 2017 but quit due to school and picking up music.

I remember back then, every single high-rate server would have frequent events and have pretty much the entire server in the events.

It was what made high-rate private servers unique, that we could have these custom events and have the community come together and have fun.

Recently, I hopped back on MapleKey because I  wanted to get back into a private server and remembered that I bought donor status on this server.

Now when I get on, I'm only grinding peris or making CSS. There are no events other than JQ and I'm literally just grinding all the time with little to no interaction with other players. There's no fun in farming peri's and I'm sure everybody else feels the same.

I'm basically rambling at this point but do you guys think hosting events other than JQ would increase our player base and create a more friendlier community with all of us meeting together for events?

It doesnt have to be events that are hard to host like terrorist. It can be tag or rhyme. Very simple to play and fun!

I appreciate you taking the time to read and look forward to hearing from ya
Hi Bagel! Glad to see an old player returning to the server!

Thanks for the suggestion and for supporting the server! I completely agree with you on the point that it can be a little mundane and boring on the server. It is a lot of grinding and playing just for objectives.

On occasion, Game Masters do try to host events such as tag or terrorist, but we understand that different players from different time zones are not able to get on during certain parts of the day. In addition to this, the server has been suffering from low player retention rate for a while, which means that there aren't really enough players to host a full event for.

To make up for my sad and pathetic attempt for an excuse, you're in luck! We're currently in the process of making a Halloween event that may or may not be released depending on whether the new client is still being plagued by bugs. We'll keep you updated on this if the event is released.

In the meantime, as for interaction with other players, we suggest joining a guild. Or making a whole new guild, inviting new players, and answering their questions. It's something that I did once when I first started playing on the server, and I found that it gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride to be able to help guide new players through the process.
Hey Keylogging! Thanks for the reply friend.

I had a feeling it was due to low player base and the different time zones, so I completely understand this.

I think that you guys are doing a terrific job with the new WZ files! Game is a lot less laggy and I dc far less than before.

But I will take your advice on the guild idea! Seems like a great way to establish good relationship/clout in the game xd.

Thank you again and hope you have a great rest of your day!