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Welcome to MapleKey! - Anime - 07-25-2015

Haii ~ I'm not really good with introductions, so let's keep it short ~ Hi there and welcome to MapleKey! We're a v83 rebirth server with tons of features just waiting for you to enjoy! Here's some of them if you didn't notice on the homepage already ^o^~

  • Fishing System | Cooking System | Peridot Currency | Beginners & Advanced Training Maps | Up to date WZ 
  • GM Job at 1000 Rebirths | No Pay to Win | Automatic JQ System | Working Rings | Vote for Rewards
  • Custom Shops (All in One/Medal/Belt Shop)  | Many Player Commands | Constant Updates
Staff Members (These guys you can look for if you ever need help with anything or @gm):
  • Mist
  • Shine
  • Senpai
  • Angel
  • Loretta



We hope to see you online! Happy Mapling~~

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