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Jump Quest Rankings - Senpai - 07-28-2015

How would a Weekly JQ Prizes Ranking sounds?

Okay so. 

There are different kinds of Rankings for Jump quest.
One will be a All-Time JQ Ranking. (All your JQ Points will be added on a different All-time ranking system so the points you spent in the shop will not get deducted from your All time JQ Ranking)
Second one is a Weekly JQ Ranking, which will be used for Prizes. 
The Top 3 of the Weekly JQ Rankings will get various prizes.
The Weekly JQ Rankings resets every Monday.
What will the prizes be?, that will be decided later.

Please tell me your opinion on this ~

Thank you

RE: Jump Quest Rankings - Anime - 09-20-2015

Timed JQ rankings will be added in the future, we currently have a JQ Ranking system in place for the total number of Jump Quests you do!

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