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wind archer 3rd job skill "eagle eye" - 0mniknightz - 08-06-2019

I never play wind archer before so i thought i give it a try, choose the job, type @maxskills, level up, and then i cant active this skill "eagle eye", press and mp reduced but nothing happen, HELP?

RE: wind archer 3rd job skill "eagle eye" - Keyloqqinq - 08-06-2019

Eagle Eye is a transformation skill.
Transformation skills are disabled because they can cause the player to crash in game, or a variety of other problems for other players.
If you're looking for a skill to farm with, most other players use Dragon Roar from the Dark Knight class and Genesis from the Bishop class.

In the future, for responses to questions like this, consider joining the MapleKey Discord. There is a much more active community there and you can often get help from staff members much quicker.

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