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Change Quantity Meso Pack Drop From Mob - yauching123 - 08-13-2019

I wanna suggest changing the Quantity Meso Pack drop from mob,

I heard many key players complain about farming DOT is keep dc~same to me too...maybe some are not because PC too OP Wink

But for some me PC not that OP cant handle it as well,

@dvac or Ocupation doesn't help well when need farm DOT Fast,because it CD 10 sec.

I hope it can changing the Quantity Meso Pack to Less and the Meso amount be same, 

I think will help alot player btw...TQ Heart

RE: Change Quantity Meso Pack Drop From Mob - Keyloqqinq - 08-13-2019

Hi yauching,

Thank you for this suggestion.

However, Meso Bags/Packs are limited by MapleStory's code to hold specific threshold of mesos. There is no way to change the amount of mesos that drop from each pack on our end, we can only set the amount that we want to drop from each dead mob. Thus, it's a matter of how many meso bags drop and there's no way we can edit that.

I understand that it can be frustrating to DC from loads of mesos on the map. You can try to remedy this by farming both with a pet out and by using @dvac by binding the command to your Skills macro tab.

I hope you can understand why this is not something that can be implemented. I hope you can find a way to enjoy the server regardless. Good luck!

RE: Change Quantity Meso Pack Drop From Mob - Harmonix - 09-01-2019

These DC's are more than likely linked to the number of mobs/meso sacks on screen, as well as the mob death animations, skill animations, rebirth/leveling animations, and the speed at which you are spawning/killing mobs. I did work on a couple of other servers just reducing the sizes of image files or getting rid of animation frames for such things to solve this same issue, because it's basically an overload of so many things happening that causes them. The good thing is that it's a client-sided issue and that it can be fixed with some edits Smile

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