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Full Version: can't reach login screen
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whenever i start up the game i stay in black screen for a number of seconds and then immediately d/c and get this error:
my os is windows 7, my compatibility tab: and yes i tried running xp service pack 3
i never logged in nor i have ever played here
also i used to be able to play v83 a few months back and i seem to have a problem only with the version now
pretty sure one of your files is broken :3
so you have to reinstall it
i did, anything else?
still broken?
did u reinstall the v83 and client? and made sure u replaced all the files for the one in the client?
yeah, i'll try to redownload too
dl from our website :3
the problem remains
weird *-*
i only had that problem when i broke one of my files *-*
so...what do i do?
can u check if firewall and antivirus are disabled :3

"The only way I know is to close off unused processes
to magically speed up the loading"
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