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Full Version: Can't launch MapleKey..
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Hello! I'm new to your server and I'm having an issue here.
The launcher isn't alowing me to join your server. Its doing a "Dissconected from server due to Waite time issue" iv done the connection 5x and restarted my PC and nothing happens. I even set my file to be alowd on my virus protection and still nothing changed!

Can you fix this please? :\
You are opening MapleKey.exe right? o.o
make sur you close all ur other task to make it "faster"
Yes I am but it keeps on doing the same problem :\
I closed my Skype and steam to make it work but nothing changed
My OS is win10
Oh I made a mistake

Isn't this download link the same one u gave me earlier?
It's not I removed the other file

I'm just going to refresh the page every few seconds
Ooh I did something.... Plllleaasee be the log in serversss

Damet! It didnt work

" you have been disconnected from the log in servers, please try. Again later" I'm gonna flip in a min xD
Does it do the same as you described at the very beginning?
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