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Full Version: rant
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so i was playing overwatch and this kid had the audacity to ______ (fill in the blank) at me and i was like "BOYYY YOU SOUND LIKE A ____________(insert more stuff) and i deafened myself so i wont get triggered anyways he ________ (little kids are here use your imagination) at me because i was playing torbjorn . . . now yes i should kill myself for playing him but i had to, to prove a point to these kids ANYWAYS so it was 0-2 on koth and my team were all bunch of _______ (be creative with your words) and i was like aight check me out, anyways long story short Trump won and i'm triggered
[Image: e05b9002ca.jpg]
Quit Overwatch Big Grin
Play offensive Bastion. Always works. 10/10.