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Full Version: Guide For New Players!
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Hello new players!

Wondering how you're supposed to play the game? Unsure of where to start?
Here I present a guide on what to know and what to do when first diving into the game!

note: This game is about rebirthing and farming dots (mesos)


You will need 1000 rebirths first before you can do anything else.
Go to @house, talk to Occupation NPC and pick "Trainer" for the command
@autorb/a/e/c. You will need @autorba for Aran grind, as we mostly use
Aran to grind with since she has +50% damage boost.
You don't have to worry about farming dots (our currency) or gear until you reach
1000 rebirths. So just focus on that for now.

After you reach 10 rebirths, you will be able to use the command @adv
which lets you change between jobs freely. You would want to get some skills
and so on from other jobs to boost your grinding.

Where do I grind?

You will be grinding mostly in FM 1-22
For your first 1000 rebirths you will be most likely in FM 1-6.

| Necessary skills to put on macro @adv:

Basic tab: *Echo of Hero
Warrior: Combo Attack, Power Stance, Maple Warrior, Polearm Booster
Magician: Holy Symbol, *Infinity, Bless, *Holy Shield, (Magic Guard)
Bowman: Sharp Eyes, *Concentrate
Thief: Haste, Meso Up, (Meso Guard, Shadow Partner)

Mobbing skill: Dragon Roar from Dark Knight
Flash jump: Night Lord/Dawn Warrior

*note: note that the skills with the * in front cannot be put on macro,
you can just put them anywhere on your keyboard.


Things for after 1000 rebirths;

Changing Occupation to "Dot Hunter" so you acquire the command @autodot
(so you dont have to type @buy every time you hit 2b meso as that is the cap)
(this requires 100 dots, I recommend using Vote Points to sell clean slate scrolls for early dots) (ps. you can vote every 6 hours!)

Getting a Donor Status point

What's a Donor Status point? And why do I need it?
One (1) Donor Status point allows you access to Donor commands.
One of the commands allows you to vacuum items on the floor, which you will need for Dot Farming.
There's just too much mesos on the floor.. With a DS point you can vacuum them! Yay!
(Plus if you attack for too long and items just pile up... you will most likely crash too.)

Donor commands:

@dmap                       (Allows you to access Donor maps)                                    
@dbuff                       (Allows you to instantly get buffed)    
@ditemvac                 (Allows you to vacuum all the items on the floor)
@dautodot                (Allows you to auto convert 2b mesos to dots)
@dautorbgm/a/e/c (Allows you to auto rebirth as GM/Aran/Explorer/Cygnus Knight)

How does one get a Donor Status point?

A Donor Status point is gained by donating to the server. Every 20$ donation and up will gain you a DS point.
Other players might sell them for a price. I've heard they're going for about 800~1k dots nowadays~

MSI - Max Stat Item

 You will need:

- 360 dots
- 5 clean slate scrolls

What is MSI? (@msi)

Basically uses your AP to "transfer" onto the equipment.
MSI can give 27.5~30k stat and 30~35atk
If you buy the Clean Slates with dots, it will cost about 500 dots per MSI.

Where do I get better cosmetics outside of CS?

You will need to acquire an "Event Trophy".
An ET (Event Trophy) is needed to gain any item of choice (item ID) that
is within the GM Handtool. Each item is 1 ET. I recommend getting the armor
Dark Knight Armor (100allstat 200attack) as your first ET, and secondly
getting a weapon that is "fastest" in attack speed, preferably a Polearm.
(I suggest getting a Solar Scythe or any of the Edge series of weapons)

[Image: 0BLTzy4.png][Image: oLgz66F.png] < 197 w.atk and 110 str unscrolled

What is the GM Handtool?
Basically an application where you can see the entire list of items that
we have in the game. For example weapons, hats, overalls.. and so on.
Both nx and non-nx can be found within the GM Handtool.

Hope the guide helped!

Have a fun time playing and I wish you a nice stay!


Also making small edits at times~ If I forget something, let me know!
*Note that this is only a quick explanation guide for new players, it DOES cover most you need to know though!
Well done! I was actually in the middle of compiling my own similar beginner's guide. The only thing I would add is that:


For those first few rebirths you'll probably want to use the Bishop skill Genesis to kill, your largest source of EXP at the time, Zombie Mushrooms. Only put enough of your AP into INT for this to 1 hit the Z. Mushrooms. You will be using the command <@reset int> later on as all of your remaining AP will go into STR which will boost the damage of your DK Roar when you finally switch over to it. I'll have to test exactly where the point you can switch to this is on an alt.

Note: You can use the <@maxskills> command as you rebirth into different jobs if your skills are not maxed. Please be aware certain skills are unavailable on MapleKey.


Don't forget to use the <@claimvp> command in game after clicking the vote option on the MapleKey site, completing the captcha (it may take a minute to load) and voting. Each vote will give you 1 VP and 5k NX. It is recommended that unless you already have Donor Status for the <@dvac> command, you use your NX to purchase a pet from the Cash Shop with the following pet equips (Item Pouch, Wing Boots, Binocular, Meso Magnet).

Don't forget to check in daily with NPC Jean located on the right side of <@home> for daily rewards, prestige rewards, and lottery information.

Don't forget to check the NPC Rebirth Rewards balloon located on the top right of <@home> for rewards for every milestone. Example: 100 rb, 200 rb, 300 rb, 500 rb, 1k rb, and so on. These belt and medal rewards provide excellent early stat boosts.


As you kill mobs be sure to watch out for certain drops:

Maple Leaves: Every 1000 maple leaves can be exchanged for a Golden Maple Leaf (GML) from the Maple Leaves NPC located at the right side of <@home>
Equip ticket: used for the Equip Gacha on the left side of <@home>
Chair ticket: used for the Chair Gacha on the left side of <@home>
Game Tokens: used to gamble using command <@game>
Event Etc. Item: this will be an etc. item uniquely used to trade with the particular Event NPC typically located to the right of The Glimmer Man in <@home>


When first starting out it is recommended that you use the <@aio> command to get some good common equips. I would advise prioritizing:
Face Accessory: Strawberry Icecream Bar (+5 weapon/magic att)
Gloves: Stormcaster Gloves (+5 weapon/magic att)
Shoes: Facestompers (+2 weapon att)

GMLs can be used to exchange for [Stat Equipment] from the Maple Leaves NPC in <@home> as follows:
Spectrum Goggles (+1000 all stats, +10 weapon/magic att) -10 GML
Bow-tie(Green) (+1500 all stats, +15 weapon/magic att) -15 GML
Legendary MapleLeaf (+2000 all stats, +20 weapon/magic att) -20 GML
Grand Maple Gloves (+2500 all stats, +25 weapon/magic att) -25 GML
Legendary Maple Earrings (+3000 all stats, +30 weapon/magic att) -30 GML
Maple Leaf Collector Medal (+5000 all stats, +50 weapon/magic att) -50 GML
Zombie Army Ring (no stats, used for MSI)

Equips from Boss PQ (Note: Recommended 1k RBs minimum to run)
Obtained from The Glimmer Man located in <@home>
Bosshunter Helm (+30k all stats, +65 weapon/magic att) -45k BPQ points
Bosshunter Greaves (+30k all stats, +65 weapon/magic att) -45k BPQ points
Bosshunter Armor (+30k all stats, +65 weapon/magic att) -45k BPQ points (Note: Will be replaced by DKA DO NOT PRIORITIZE)

Note: Some events will offer event exclusive stat equipment as rewards in exchange for event items. Example: Chicken set available through Chickadee for past Thanksgiving event.

5. MSIs

Small notes here, DO NOT GET JR. MSI. Go straight for SR. MSI. Also don't forget to use <@maxstat> <str,dex,int,luk> after creating MSI.

PRO TIP USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION: Ask a trusted friend with spare AP to make your MSI for you so you can focus on farming dots with worrying about getting max stats again through RBs. Again do this at your own discretion, no one is responsible for any loss of items.

Note: Nearly any equip can be used for MSI. It is typically advised to MSI your more permanent equips first. Usually pet equips, rings, and any equips that you feel you won't be changing any time soon. DO NOT MSI your bosshunter gear or DKA.


Once you've started to be able to farm dots with some consistency, you can begin to think about making use of the AFK rewards system of MapleKey <@fish>. To begin you will need to get a fishing chair for 40 dots. Link to fishing guide.

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