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Full Version: [Support] Constant DC when fishing / afk
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Yes so as the title suggests, I always find myself disconnected when I AFK while I'm fishing. I'm not sure if any others have experienced this issue, but the game doesn't close or crashes. I just get returned to the login screen and it says I'm disconnected that's all. Doesn't happen with any other servers currently / in the past. Also can't seem to find another similar issue on the forum so I decided to post here to see if someone can shed some light. 

I think I've seen someone complaining about this as well 1 or 2 days ago at @home.. However I forgot who was it. So yeah.. Thanks!
Greetings Crown, we are aware of this issue, but there are no actual leads to fixing this since there are no error codes thrown at the user when they are disconnected from the game.