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Full Version: Wz Update [2-2-20]
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Quote:If you notice anything weird or out of the ordinary, please @ me in the #support channel on Discord.
At this point just expect that I missed or forgot something. If you don't tell me something's broken, it won't get fixed. Simple as that. Thanks for your cooperation!

▸Typing outside of the Trade window has been enabled

▸Start of the event/GM clock/timer no-longer disables typing or movement

▸Added shortened command @r in addition to the @rewarp command

▸Added new in-game commands
(Mostly everything will require you to change maps, change channels or use @rewarp in order for the changes to take affect)
/fps dmg - Hides damage when you hit a mob and a mob hits you
/fps bg - Disables map backgrounds
/fps tile - Removes map tiles
/fps fade - Disables map fading when you change maps
/fps mob - Disables mob death effects
/fps loot - Removes loot animation
/fps skill - Disables most skill effects (minus projectiles, skill summons)
/fps effect - Disables Item & Cash effects
/toggle fps - Toggles all FPS settings on or off
/toggle names - Removes player names, guilds, medals, pet names and NPC names
/toggle smega - Filters out Megaphones from chat
/toggle mm - Toggles minimap between normal mode and auto-expand mode
/smega <color> - Changes Super Megaphone colors (this is client-sided, which means only you can see the changes and the changes will be universal--everyone's smega color will change)
Available megaphone colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and default (default obviously...sets the color back to normal).
/clearchat - Clears chat history (in case you want to clear it for whatever reason (also client-sided))

▸Changed some stuff in the /help menu

▸Added new command /help 2 which shows a menu in chat for the new commands

▸Replaced current level for current job in the stats UI

▸Updated Minimap UI

▸Updated Guild BBS UI (only on 1280x720)

▸Updated Cash Shop aesthetics (only on 1280x720)

▸Added a small portion of weapons without big or annoying effects

▸Enabled in-air arrow shooting & skills (minus Hurricane)

▸Aran's Combat Step can now be used in the air

▸Enabled Flash Jump and Teleport while using a mount

▸Increased chatlog history from 64 to 100

Click HERE to download the new WZ.

Click HERE if you wish to play on 800x600 resolution (downloading the full MapleKey setup is still required).

Have fun!