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Full Version: Fav Anime?
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Haii guise ~
So I was wondering, what is your personal favorite Anime?
You can only choose 1!

Mine is HxH Heart
i like konosuba currently
I enjoyed Naruto the most aside from its fking fillers -._.-.. currently, my fav is Katekyo Hitman Reborn ^-^
My fav has to be SAO 1
i love Boku no Pico! <3
Currently I'll say it'll have to be Naruto , I'm enjoying the spin off series of boruto so far .
if I had to pick, mine would also be HxH but its really really close between it and many other anime.
boku no hero academia and haikyuu !!
@G0DlyRay [insert 10 characters here]
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