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Full Version: [Updated 17/4/2017]Comprehensive Guide for Newbie that Reach 1k Rebirths v0.3
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Comprehensive Guide for Newbie that Reached 1k Rebirths

Table of Content
Chapter 1 : Buffs
Chapter 2 : Equips
Chapter 3 : Scrolling Equips


Chapter 1 : Buffs

Everyone know that Super Dragon Roar can be obtained through the GM job after 1000 rebirths.

You may start farm your DOTS with your latest Super Dragon Roar in Room 7-17 on Rombot(22M HP).

For newbies that reached 1000rbs may have a hard time on killing a 22m HP Rombot.

Now, I am going to teach you guys about how to reach 20m++damage without any MSI with Super Roar.

Occupation Needed:
1. DOT Hunter

Buffs Needed:
1. Maple Warrior
2. Holy Charge:Sword [Paladin]
3. Dragon Blood [Dark Knight]
4. Combo Attack [Hero]
5. Sharp Eyes [Bowmaster]
6. Echo of Heroes(Optional)
7. Mesos Up [Shadower]
8. Infinity [Bishop]
9. Concentrate
10. Enrage

Items Needed(Any 1):
1. Onyx Apple
2. Naricain's Demon Elixir

Weapons Needed:
1. Lv110 1H Sword from @aio or better weapon

After u had all the buff and items, now @adv to Dark Knight.

Use Dragon Roar(Normal) to reduce your HP below 50%(2 times Dragon Roar on Full HP)

Now try your Damage  Smile

There are also an alternative method for non Dot Hunter Occupation:
1. @adv Dark Knight
2. @emo
3. Don't heal or revive
4. @adv GM
5. You can revive now and done~

PS: Never use Onyx Apple before Rage [Hero], Enrage[Hero] and Concentrate[Bowmaster] because they will replace the damage buff of Onyx Apple~


Chapter 2 : Equips

Before you get your MSIs, there are some equips you can get for stat boost purpose.

List of Equips from @aio shop
1. Pink Gaia Cape(+3wa)
2. Stormcaster Gloves(+5wa)
3. Strawberry IcecreamBar(+5wa)
4. Maple Shield(10 slots)
5. Blue Dragon Armor(Refer Chapter 3)
6. Black Neos Pants(Refer Chapter 3)

List of Equips from GML shop
1. Spectrum Goggles(10wa, 1k stat)-10gml
2. Bow-tie(15wa, 1.5k stat)-15gml
3. Legendary Maple Leaf(20wa, 2k stat)-20gml
4. Grand Maple Anethysian Tattoo(25wa, 2.5k stat)-25gml
5. Legendary Maple Earrings(30wa, 3k stat)-30gml
6. Maple Leaf Collector(50wa, 5k stat)-50gml
7. Zombie Army Ring(For MSI Purpose)-50gml

PS : Try to exchange your GMLs for Maple Leaf Collector Medal as it has 50wa~. Then try to exchange bowtie (nice stat boost and going to be MSI the bowtie soon) 


Chapter 3 : Scrolling Equips

List of Scrolls to be used:
1. Scroll for One-Handed Sword for ATT 50%(+5wa)
2. Scroll for Overall Armor for STR 65%(+1wa)
3. Scroll for Gloves for ATT 50%(+3wa)
4. Scroll for Shield for Weapon Attack 60%(+2wa)

List of Equips Needed:
1. 1H Sword(Try your best)
2. Blue Dragon Armor(Try your best)
3. Stormcaster Gloves(Try to scroll +5(max 20wa) as it is cheap and affordable)
4. Maple Shield(Try your best)

PS : White scrolls are not needed to scroll these items as you are going to switch those eqs to MSI or IOC soon~ 

For Any Question, you may leave a message below~
Thanks for sharing! I'm sure this will help me farm much better!
I highly recommend adding Holy Symbol for 150% exp
and also note that even though you are able to use Onyx apple and Naricain at the same time (and both show up in the buff bar) only the last used one will apply its ATT dmg buff, so its a waste to use both
also note that using a dagger + watk shield or a polearm/spear gives you higher damage output than 1H sword 1.2x dmg multiplier
a dagger + shield gives you higher DPS due to the faster attack (to try to multi-hit) 1.3x dmg multiplier
a polearm/spear gives you higher total damage (to try to 1 hit) 1.49x dmg multiplier
the thief dragon khanjar has 15watk base with 7 slots

so after some testing, I've found that rage might be bugged it seems to be doing LESS damage
averages based on 10 attacks (disregarding crits) and all other buffs equal:
with rage = 9.9-10.1
without rage: 11.6-12.1
that means that if you use rage you lose like 20% damage, it might be overriding some other buff that does more damage so I recommend not using it

also if you use the Paladin class to get a sword elemental effect it will also increase your damage up to 40% with holy, just make sure the mob type you are attacking is not immune to it, or use the element it is weak to.
simply equip a sword, apply the effect, switch to preferred weapon