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Full Version: Wz Update [4-2-20]
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Quote:If you notice anything weird or out of the ordinary, please @ me in the #support channel on Discord.
At this point just expect that I missed or forgot something. If you don't tell me something's broken, it won't get fixed. Simple as that. Thanks for your cooperation!

▸Aran skills can now be used in the air

▸Hurricane (Bowmaster) can now be used in the air

▸Rapid Fire (Corsair) can now be used in the air 

▸Boomerang Step (Shadower) can now be used in the air 

▸Assaulter (Shadower) can now be used without a mob and in the air

▸Removed Transformation requirement for certain skills (Buccaneer & Wind Archer)

▸Added loot "helper" to Chair & Equip ticket drops
[Image: C5zvvk8.png]

▸Text in NPCs now appear faster

▸Removed everything except chairs in the "Install" section of GM HandTool
(if for whatever reason you guys want the ETC items back, just let me know)

▸Removed Map, Mob and NPC from GM HandTool BIN files to reduce download time
(if for whatever reason you guys want them back, just let me know)

▸Added a small block to some common hacks
(we are in no way shape or form, claiming to be 100% completely anti-cheat, but you shouldn't be hacking anyways so don't do it!)

▸The Maple window can now be minimized and maximized! (use the normal Alt+Enter command or go to the in-game System Options to exit full screen mode)

▸Introducing MapleKey.ini! Don't like downloading extra files to use a smaller screen resolution? No problem.
Don't like having 2 clients making things extra confusing? No problem! Simply edit the MapleKey.ini file in something like Notepad and adjust to your prefered settings.

Click HERE to download the new WZ.

Have fun!
Can anyone fix the Hell-Mode BPQ? Where is Pink-Bean at the end of the PQ? The game has almost nothing to do and now we don't even have a complete Hell-Mode PQ?