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Full Version: Unable to Connect
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After launching the client, I keep getting the message "You have been disconnected from MapleKey. Please try again later." I don't know if this is worth adding but after I launch the client, it enlarges an area of my desktop as well as my taskbar, if that makes sense. I can't give a screenshot of what it looks like because my mouse disappears and I can't open any other programs. I've tried downloading different private server clients and the same thing happens. I have Windows 10 by the way. 

I've already tried: 
Disabling my firewall and antivirus software
Modifying the compatibility (running as administrator, reduced color mode, 640x480 resolution, running for windows 95, 7, 8, etc.)
Restarting my computer several times
Downloaded the setup multiple times and reinstalled the MapleKey Client files 3 times
Closed all other programs/tasks before launching the client

Any suggestions?
Hello, I've had many people who've come with the exact same issue you're having, the only thing  I can suggest is downgrading or installing a virtual machine with a different operating system other than Windows 10. Unfortunately I do not know the exact cause of this problem nor a proper way to tackle it.