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Full Version: WZ Update [3-21-21]
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Quote:If you notice anything weird or out of the ordinary, please @ me in the #support channel on Discord.
At this point just expect that I missed or forgot something.
If you don't tell me something's broken, it won't get fixed. Thanks for your cooperation!

▸The process of deleting "invisible" items has begun! This will continue for future WZ updates.
 If you have a blank item icon in your inventory, see me in-game or @ me on Discord for a refund or the original item in return.
 If you're an old player recently returning for a visit, I'm sorry for your loss.

▸Updated Damage Skins found here.

▸Chairs will now be disabled in JQ maps

▸All Mounts and Saddles are now tradeable

▸Disabled Monsterbook and Party Search

▸Improved Mount equipping (you no-longer have to remove all mounts just to put a new one on)

▸Removed the /toggle mm command, the minimap will now auto maximize if set to max (but you still have to rewarp to see the changes :/)

▸Added 1120x600 resolution (experimental - some stuff may not be properly positioned)

▸Updated 1024x768's Cash Shop aesthetics the non-lazy way

▸Added a bunch of new useless commands

▸Added command variants where they make sense
(eg: /fps mob and /fps mobs, but not /fps loot and /fps loots)

▸Added a new command, /toggle mount(s), for those who hate huge mounts

▸Added a new command, /toggle info, which toggles character's Pet and Mount info to be hidden by default (when you double click someone),
for those who hate huge mounts when you're trying to check someone out ;)

▸Added a new command, /ds or /darksight, a fake Dark Sight mode (which doesn't increase avoidability) for whatever reason

▸Added a new command, /toggle msg, which disables the meso and exp gain messages on the bottom right (an attempt to remove lag, but really it doesn't :)

▸Added shortened commands, /t for /toggle
/t smega and /toggle smega will have the same effect

▸Updated the /help 2 commands list to reflect the new commands

▸Introducing Discord Presence!

Click HERE to download the new WZ!
Mirror link found HERE!

Have fun!