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Full Version: Wz Update [6-29-21]
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Quote:If you notice anything weird or out of the ordinary, please @ me in the #support channel on Discord.
At this point just expect that I missed or forgot something.
If you don't tell me something's broken, it won't get fixed. Thanks for your cooperation!

▸Added Dual Blade, Battle Mage, Demon Slayer and a semi-functioning Cannoneer!

▸Added 4th job Cygnus skills and other random skills here and there, just for fun
(Key words: "just for fun"! These new skills are not meant to be "super OP", "super weak" or even balanced for that matter. I've just been having fun adding new skills.
Not everything will look or work as intended; e.g character actions, buffs, or anything stat related. AKA I'm too lazy to do any skill balancing or find out how stat stuff works :)

▸All new skills will only have 1 skill level (we have a skill maxer anyway, lower skill levels don't really matter..)

▸Updated a few duplicate Cygnus skill aesthetics
(e.g if Avenger exists for both Night Lord AND Night Walker, Night Walker's Avenger effect has been updated, so you can still use the "original" skill effect, but have a nicer one too!)

▸Added Wings skill to Thunder Breaker (makes you float in the air)

▸Fixed those hacked shoes

▸Fixed damage not displaying properly (only for Aran?)

▸Fixed Aran's combo skill

▸Fixed inventory crashing (at the sacrifice that Equip tab is always the default when you open your inventory)

▸Improved 1024x768's login screen and status bar

▸Added 1600x900 resolution

▸Updated the Skill.wz found here.

Click [url=]HERE
to download the new WZ!
Mirror link found HERE!

Enjoy, have fun!