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Full Version: MapleKey Rules
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Hey everyone!

We have decided to create a more concise set of rules.
By joining and playing MapleKey you will be expected to abide to the following rules.
All levels of punishment are subject to the GameMaster that bans you.

Do not be an overly toxic player.
This includes things like personally attacking others, intentionally trying to upset others, harassing other players, or attempting to start drama. 
NOTE: Swearing is allowed as long as it is not intended in a hostile manner.

Do not annoy other players for items.
This includes trading random players and asking them for things.

Do not scam other players.
Scamming includes selling items to new players for a price that is higher than normal. 
Creating a monopoly is strictly against the rules. You cannot buy all of one particular item of worth and sell it for a high price.

Do not abuse or exploit bugs.
If you find a bug in the server, you will be expected to inform a staff member as soon as possible. 
This includes things such as crashing maps and disconnecting other players.

Do not spam in the home map or during events.
This includes talking to your pet in all chat while other people are around. If someone asks you to stop you are expected to be polite.

Do not impersonate staff members.
This includes creating names that are similar to staff members names.

Do not abuse mules. 
While mules on the server are allowed and there is no limit to how many clients one can have open at once, abusing mules for certain in-game activities are not allowed. This includes fishing on more than one account at a time, making several characters to fame or defame yourself or another person, using mules to win auto-events, and abusing mules to vote for the server more than once every 6 hours.
Mules, however, are allowed as placeholders or in situations where a party is required. For example, you CAN use mules to enter Party Quests such as Boss Party Quest and any of the Party Quests that the Red Sign NPC offers.

Do not beg staff members for events or items.

Do not use any external program to farm for you.
While farming you must be actively playing the game and doing something at your keyboard. If you are caught being AFK while farming you will be banned. This includes hacks that gives you an advantage aka swimming in or teleporting to the end of a Jump Quest. 

Do not use anything that can be used to edit your damage or edit fame.

Certain client edits such as the no delay teleport edit, combat step edit, and fast face are allowed. 
If you are seen using other edits that could be seen as harmful you will be asked to stop using it, if you do not stop you will be banned. 
NOTE: It is up to the staff members discretion to decide what is harmful.

Players must be visible while farming in FM, OT, and donor map.
Players cannot be under the map or above the map in while farming they must be visible to other players and GM's.

Do not ban evade.
Once a player is permanently banned on any account, their IP is also banned from playing the game on any subsequent accounts. Ban evading is when you use a VPN, a different MAC address, or name change to get access to the server, while you're still banned. 

Thanks for reading! Remember to enjoy yourself and have a great time on MapleKey!

If you have any questions about any of the rules message one of these staff members on Discord or on MapleKey:

GM: Okami
GM: kudasai
GM: SunRaine