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What is a VP, and how do I use them?
A VP is a Vote Point, you will receive 1 VP every time you vote. You can vote once every 6 hours.
There is a VP NPC in the @Home map / This is where you can exchange VP for Items. (You can use @nextvote | in-game to check the time left before your next vote becomes available)
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Event?! Where?! When?! How do they work??!
[Image: 09f2a4dac7.png]There is no specific time Schedule for event hosting at this moment.
[Image: 09f2a4dac7.png]There are two kinds of Events. One is a automated event. Second is a GM event. If you are looking for a GM event read the statement above. As for the Automated events goes there are two different kinds, Trivia (A question will pop up, use @ae <answer>)| There is also a JQ event, which speaks for it self.
[Image: 09f2a4dac7.png]As a player you cannot win automated events twice in a row. This gives others a chance to win too!
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What is a GP, and what do they do?
GP stands for "Guild Point". These are how guilds are ranked. To see the top ranked guilds, see the guild ranking board in @fm on the right side. Or use @rank -> Guild ranks
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AP, Where does it go? Do I lose it when it goes Negative?
AP stands for "Ability Points" Seen in the "S" Shortcut menu. You do NOT lose it when it goes into the negative,
all AP is stored in the AP bank. You can see how much AP you have stored up by using @checkme.
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What is, and how do I Rebirth?
Rebirth is something players acquire over training periods. When a player reaches
level 200, they can rebirth. Which puts the player back to level 1. (This does not remove Stats, Health / Mana Bars / Key bound skills)
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What is your Currency? How do I get it?
"Dot" = Peridot (replica), 1 dot is worth 2,000,000,000 Mesos. | @buy - when you have 2,000,000,000 mesos or @sell to turn 1 dot back into mesos.
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What is an Event Point, how do I get it, and what do I do with it? (EP)
An Event point is a point you receive for winning an event. You can gain event points by:
1. Winning a hosted GM event (varies depending on the GM).
2. Wining an Auto Event.
3. Purchase from other players.

The EP NPC is located @home
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What prizes do I get if I win an event?
GM events prices are subject to the GM who's hosting it.
Automated Speed Typing and Trivia Events give 3 EP if you win.
Automated JQ Events give 5*(number of JQ points) EP if you win.
For example, winning a JQ event in the map, Rider's Field, would give you 10 EP, since Rider's Field is worth 2 JQ Points.
A list of all the JQ's and their respective point values can be found in @jq
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What is a DS, and how do I get it?
DS stands for Donor Status.
Donor Status is rewarded in the game in the form of a Donor Status Point.
You can get a DS in different ways.
1. Donate 20$ (You receive 1 DS for every 20$ USD you donate).
2. Purchase from other players.

DS enables you to have donor commands. 
These commands are only for donors, and allow you to access Donor only training maps!

View this page for more information on Donation:
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What is a JQ, and how do I do them?
JQ stands for Jump Quest.
You can use the command @jq to access the npc.
If you fall down inside a JQ you can always use @rewarp to get quickly back to the main entrance.
At the end of every JQ, talk to the balloon to receive JQ points. JQ points can be used to purchase items.
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What are Maple Leafs for?
Every monster in-game drops maple leaves.
1000 Maple leaves = 1 Golden Maple Leaf
The Maple Leaf and Golden Maple leaf are exchangeable at the Maple Leaves NPC @home
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Original Guide By: Senpai
Revised By: Loretta, Keyloqqinq

Last Updated 3/11/19