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Full Version: Damage, MSI, Buffs
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[Image: 9a217ea360.png]MSI INFO & MSI Recommendations
[Image: 9a217ea360.png]Damage 
[Image: 9a217ea360.png]Buffs INFO & Recommended Buffs
[Image: 9a217ea360.png]DPS Token INFO

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What is it?: An MSI is a 'Max Stat Item'. What these do is add your stats to an item,
so you can continue to build up your ability without wasting points.
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[Image: 9a217ea360.png]Bear in mind, when you try to msi an item. You must have exactly the stats that is says to have.[Image: 9a217ea360.png]
Example: Junior MSI requires you to have 30,000 stats in str/dex/int/luk. Not 1 more or less. 

To reset your stats use the command @reset str/dex/int/luk.

When you open Character Stat (S), Look at the numbers between the two parenthesis.
The number between the parenthesis are your ACTUAL stats.
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There are 2 levels of MSI, Lv. 5 MSI Converter and a MSI Reroller.

Junior MSI: 
Stat Range: 20,000
Weapon Attack Range: 20
Cost: 30,000AP on Each Stat / 120 Peridots (Replica) / 2 Clean Slate Scrolls 20%

Senior MSI:
Stat Range: 27,500 - 30,000
Weapon Attack Range: 30-35
Cost: 30,000AP on Each Stat / 360 Peridots (Replica) / 5 Clean Slate Scrolls 20%

Lv. 5 Converter:
Stats: 27,500 - 30,000
Weapon Attack Range: 30 - 35
Requirement: Lv. 5 MSI
Cost: 80 Peridots (Replicas) / 2 Clean Slate Scroll 20%

MSI Reroller:
Stats: 27,500 - 30,000
Weapon Attack Range: 30 - 35
Requirements: 80 Peridots (Replica) / 2 Clean Slate Scrolls 20%
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How many MSI's would I need to hit the Damage cap?:
All slots (46) Must be filled with Senior MSI's.
However... you will not always hit the cap.
To be able to hit the cap you'll need a DPS Token (one or two, depends on your current Senior MSI stats)
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What is a DPS Token?
It's a ETC item which will increase your overall damage by 10%, you can have up to 5 of them active at once.
How do they work? Simply by having it in your inventory!
To craft one the NPC is located in @npc 
[Image: L4EYNDd.png]
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Requirements to craft a DPS Token:

250 Light cube (1250 Golden Maple Leaf)
330 Shadow cube (66 Vote Points)
800 Space cube (4000 EP or 8000 Reward Piece Level [7])
250 Time cube (500,000 BPQ Points)
2000 Peridots (Replica)

Shadow Cube and Light Cube are trade restricted
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Buff's can decide the outcome of your Damage.
I do not recommend using the Occupation "Buffer"


"There are a few buffs, which are really important. 
I myself use only 3 buffs for Damage.
Combo Attack, Holy Charge and Rage Those 3 buffs are from Dawn Warrior.

Of course you can use an Onyx Apple or a Naricain's Demon Elixir with it. Remember, they do not stack!
If your farming rebirths. I do recommend to use Holy symbol (Bishop Class), it increases 150% exp gain.If your farming Mesos for Peridots. I recommend you to use Meso UP. (Bandit Class)
I kinda only recommend those buffs listed above.
I noticed if i use more buffs my overall damage lowers.
The damage range on the Character Stat may increase but that doesn't mean your overall damage also increases.

This post is subject to change.
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Last Updated 5/21/18
How you get 46 MSI??????????????


(09-15-2015, 05:05 PM)SunRaine Wrote: [ -> ]How you get 46 MSI??????????????

By math calculation probably? XD
Will I still get the stats from MSIing these equips?
Pet HP/MP pouches
Jr. Reaper Sign
Mount (actual mount, not saddle)
I don't see people using the pet equips and can't tell from the mount itself so I'm not sure if I should bother doing them.
As long it is equippable, it can be MSI'd