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Full Version: Peridot Gathering (Currency)
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Peridot Farming and INFO
All these numbers have been calculated WITHOUT using the Meso Up Buff or Peridot Hunter Occupation.
The calculation of the mesos per pack isn't 100% correct
This post is subject to change.
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The Peridot (Replica) Is MapleKey's Currency! 
Use @buy to convert 2,000,000,000 mesos to 1 Peridot.
Or @sell to convert 1 Peridot to 2,000,000,000 mesos.

NOTE: You cannot have more than 2.1 Billion mesos in your inventory.
 Before you use @sell, Put all your current mesos in @storage.

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In FM 7 - 17

Cold Eye: 2,500 HP : 8m mesos per pack.
Manon: 5,000,000 HP : 135m mesos per pack.
Robot: 22,000,000 HP : 156m mesos per pack.

In FM 18 - 22

Mushmom: 75,000,000 HP : 198m mesos per pack.
Dodo: 150,000,000 HP : 325m mesos per pack.
Lilynounch: 550,000,000 HP : 451m a pack.

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DonorMaps (@dmap)

Mushmom: 10,000,000 HP : 114m a pack.
Lilynounch: 600,000,000 HP : 317m a pack.
Snack Bar: 1,500,000,000 HP : 538m a pack.

NOTE: If you are a donor, you can use @ditemvac (sucks up all items/mesos in the current map) | @dautodot (converts automatically 2b mesos into 1 peridot (replica)
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Use a pet with Meso Magnet, Wing Boots, and Binocular. (You can Purchase these with NX in the cash shop)
Occupation Looter - Gives you the ability to use @itemvac. (Sucks up all ITEMS+MESOS on the map)
Occupation Peridot Hunter - Gives you the ability to use @autodot. (Automatically converts 2,000,000,000 Mesos into 1 Peridot)

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Happy Hunting!
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Last updated 5/20/18