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Full Version: Quest List
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Scroll Hunter
[Image: 1e36f66942.jpg]

Required Items:

1x [Image: p9vggyh.gif] [Image: JNSJAqQ.gif] [Image: iUGqTmQ.gif] [Image: gMGALgq.gif] [Image: NTfVsPV.gif]
4x [Image: 0IAPhoI.png]
5x [Image: mqKte1P.png]
2x [Image: IH5Cxuq.png]

How do I get these? [Image: IH5Cxuq.png] [Image: mqKte1P.png] [Image: 0IAPhoI.png]
Simple, type @shop.

[Image: a87c21d539.jpg]

How to get those '[Image: p9vggyh.gif] [Image: JNSJAqQ.gif]  [Image: iUGqTmQ.gif]  [Image: gMGALgq.gif]  [Image: NTfVsPV.gif]' Letters?

In order to get those letters you must farm specific items.

To get letter [Image: p9vggyh.gif] you must farm:

20x[Image: leftover036.gif?1244102259]Mushroom Spore
20x[Image: leftover024.gif?1244090242]Jr. Yeti Skin

To get letter [Image: JNSJAqQ.gif] you must farm: 

20x[Image: leftover026.gif?1244095723]Leather
20x[Image: leftover216.gif?1243946370]Bellflower

To get letter [Image: iUGqTmQ.gif] you must farm:
20x[Image: leftover142.gif?1244090231]Seal Meat
20x[Image: leftover085.gif?1243945994]Bain's Spiky Collar

To get letter[Image: gMGALgq.gif]you must farm:
20x[Image: leftover164.gif?1243950540]Cloud Foxtail
20x[Image: 04000452.info_.icon_.png?1250392762]Blue Helmet

To get letter[Image: NTfVsPV.gif]you must farm: 
20x[Image: leftover222_0.gif?1249306838]Green Essence
20x[Image: leftover032.gif?1244099738]Luster Pixie's Sunpiece

[Image: a87c21d539.jpg]

"Where do I get these Items?"

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Henesys Hunting Ground I

[Image: leftover036.gif?1244102259]Mushroom Spore drops from Shrooms [Image: monsters003.gif]

[Image: leftover026.gif?1244095723]Leather Drops from Pig [Image: monsters007.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
El Nath Watch out for Icy Path I

[Image: leftover024.gif?1244090242]Jr. Yeti Skin drops from Jr.Yeti [Image: monsters043.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Herb Town 100-Year-Old Herb Garden

[Image: leftover216.gif?1243946370]Bellflower drops from Bellflower Root [Image: monsters290.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Aqua Road Forked Road : West Sea

[Image: leftover142.gif?1244090231]Seal Meat drops from Freezer [Image: monsters155.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Zipangu Armory

[Image: leftover085.gif?1243945994]Bain's Spiky Collar drops from Bain [Image: monsters088.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Zipangu The Mountain of Cloud Fox

[Image: leftover164.gif?1243950540]Cloud Foxtail drops from Cloud Fox [Image: monsters199.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Time Lane Roar of Regrets 3

[Image: 04000452.info_.icon_.png?1250392762]Blue Helmet drops from Qualm Guardian [Image: monsters477.png]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Singapore Ghost Ship 2

[Image: leftover222_0.gif?1249306838]Green Essence drops from Slimy [Image: monsters412.gif]

[Image: 5e58e5a01b.png]
Orbis Cloud Park V

[Image: leftover032.gif?1244099738]Luster Pixie's Sunpiece drops from Luster Pixie [Image: monsters046.gif]

[Image: 3dcf650eb2.png]

You have now made your first white Scroll!

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Looking good!

Looks like you put a lot of effort in this!

Good job Senpai! I'm glad you noticed me!
If I may, I'd like to add CSS to this thread. (because people seem to forget you can make those)

It's not going to look nearly as nice, but the requisites are as follows.

Letters Needed: CLEAN SLATE (or Ax2, Cx1, Ex2, Lx2, Nx1, Sx1, and Tx1)

Other Materials Needed: (all obtainable through farming mesos or @shop)
5 Dots (replicas)
1 Eyes of Fire
5 Onyx Apples
14 Spirits of Fantasy Theme Parks
3 Pieces of Cracked Dimension

How to farm Letters?

A: 20 Orange Mushroom Caps + 20 Cracked Hourglasses
C: 20 Blue Snail Shells + 20 Blue Nependeath Seeds
E: 20 Green Essences + 20 Luster Pixie's Sunpieces

L: 20 Lunar Pixie's Moon Pieces + 20 Red Snail Shell
N: 20 Broken Pieces of Pots + 20 Wyvern Toenails
S: 20 Ribs + 20 Zombie Teddy Bears
T: 20 Cloud Foxtail + 20 Blue Helmet

Just remember the quantities of letters you need, and happy farming.