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Full Version: Windows 8
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This may or may not work.
This is NOT a guaranteed fix!
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A member of Ragezone posted this program on their forum.
It's called 'lolwut' at first i thought this was a joke.
But today i had finally to test it on a windows 8 platform. And it actually worked.

This is the whole post made by Fraysa.
Please.. make sure to read all of it.

You might be just trying Windows 8, but after some time getting used to it - you notice you can't run older versions of the game (Ex. v62, v83) on Windows 8. Damn. That's where lolwut kicks in. This is a small .NET application I made to help you run the older versions on Windows 8. The program uses special "methods" to help you run it. If one doesn't work, try the other one. My method (Fraysa's Method) has been proven to work on all the machines I tried. Basically.. my method to launch v62 on Windows 8 is to kill all uncessary programs, minimize everything, open one google chrome window and then launch the game, which works, so my method just does it automatically.

Before starting everything, please make sure.

> You have Google Chrome installed.
> You have Admin Privileges.

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This post is subject to change.
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Decorated by Loretta
Any link to downlaod this one?
Download what one?
First try to put the compatibility setting the same as this and close all unnecessary program. You can re-open the programs after maplekey is successfully launched.

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