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Full Version: Error Fixes
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Error Fixes for Windows 7, some apply for Windows 8
Remember all these fixes are based on what worked for MOST of the people. It might not be a fix for you.

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How to fix most of the PIC D/C?

Step 1: Press Windows Button
Step 2: Click Control Panel
Step 3: Click on Network and Internet
Step 4: Click on Network and Sharing Center
Step 5: Click Change adapter settings
Step 6: Disable ALL other ones, leave one enabled (the one you USE to connect to the internet)

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Do you D/C whenever you are in-game and get a error starting with -21?

Step 2: Install it Anywhere
Step 3: Download MapleKey Client & WZ
Step 4: Extract ALL Files inside the rar into your newly installed MapleStory v83 folder.
Optional: Step 5: Right Click MapleKey.exe, Click Properties, Click Unblock. Go to Compatibility Tab. Hit the box 'Run this program as an Administrator'.

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How to fix MSVCP71.dll + MSVCR71.dll missing error?

Step 1: Download this file: Click Here To Download
Step 2: Extract both files inside it into your MapleStory v83 Folder.

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How to fix missing mss32.dll error?

Step 1: Download this file: Click here to download
Step 2: Extract the .dll inside your Maplestory v83 Folder.

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How to fix Unable to connect to the login server?

This error can mean multiple things.

1. The Server is offline head to the website or forums for more information.
2. The Login server blocks your connection. Why? It's either a server problem, you are banned or your firewall/Antivirus firewall doesn't allow you to connect to MapleKey.

If it's Number 2 Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Disable your Anti-Virus - Or add MapleKey.exe as a exception to your Anti-Virus Firewall.
Step 2: Disable Firewall  or add MapleKey.exe as a exception to you Firewall.

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Windows 8 Parameter Error

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Do you know any other error/did i miss something? Please reply below.
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i've done everything it tells me to, but I still DC after putting in my pic )-:
(07-01-2016, 08:21 PM)megan Wrote: [ -> ]i've done everything it tells me to, but I still DC after putting in my pic )-:

i dont remember but it's possible that you were (accidentally) MAC banned which means the owner will have to manually unban you through the database

also, you forgot to mention lolwut