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Full Version: Occupation Guide
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This post is outdated. Please refer to the Occupation NPC @house for information on Occupations.

Welcome to the Occupation guide, here, I will help you understand and fully use your occupation to its full potential.
Once you choose an occupation, it costs 100 Peridots to change it. Choose wisely!

This post is subject to change

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Choosing an occupation can either help or hinder your training and farming experience here in Key. 
For your occupation questions or changing your occupation. Visit our occupation NPC. (Found in the @house map)
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Gain the ability to never hit level 1 again! You get an EXP boost from 1000x to 1075x*.

@autorbe - Auto Rebirth into an Explorer
@autorbc - Auto Rebirth into a Cygnus Knight
@autorba - Auto Rebirth into an Aran

*Red Sign Party Quests may have to be completed in order to receive the full EXP boost. 
*You can only have one type of auto rebirth activated at one time

Simplified: You can rebirth as soon as you hit level 200 without having to type anything. You can rebirth into any class you want. But you can't rebirth into every class at once. Only 1.

Recommended for: All

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Dot Hunter:
Gain the ability to make money quickly! You get a Meso boost from 750x to 850x*.

@autodot - Auto Convert mesos to Peridots without having to type the @buy command manually

*Red Sign Party Quests may have to be completed in order to receive the full boost. 

Simplified: Money drops more abundantly, making it easier for you to gather Peridots. Using the command @autodot lets you freely grind for money without worrying about paying attention to your mesos. Once you hit 2 billion mesos, you get a Peridot.

Recommended for: Players post-1,000 rebirths

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Gain the ability to find items quickly! You get a drop boost from 3x to 7x.

@itemvac - Suck up all the items on the map

*You must be the only person on the map
*There is a 10 second cooldown
*Usage is blocked on certain maps

Simplified: You gain items easier, rare drops fall more frequently. Using the command @itemvac supplements a pet. You can stand in 1 place and gather everything in the map.

Recommended for: None

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Gain the ability to revive dead players and yourself to full HP!

@heal - Restores yourself to full HP
@revive <IGN> - Restores the HP of another player

*There is a 10 second cooldown for @heal
*There is a 1 minute cooldown for @revive
*An item is required to use the commands
*Usage is blocked on certain maps

Simplified: Heal yourself and your friends. Buy your healing remedies in @quest.

Recommended for: Not recommended. Use at your own discretion.

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