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Full Version: Cake or Pie?
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Cake or Pie? Vote now!

Origin Story: A Cookie and a Potato agreed on many things and had very little to disagree upon. They shared many things happily with each other and respected each other's opinion. One day on a rainy night, they had a sleepover and were discussing food. Generally the foods discussed were types of cookies and potatoes and their uses. However, one day the Cookie and the Potato had a disagreement on which one was better, cake or pie. Each had their pros and cons, but one must have more pros than the other.

Which one do you like better?
pie is so good it has that sloppy stuff in the middle and u can make meat pie too ; - ;
de cayk iz a lai
But cake has a naise appearance and the sweetness is amazing *-*
Have u ever tried creampie?
only cake i wud eat is cheesecake
and only pie i would eat is pecan
~ Cake ~


*there was an error posting the reply. The message is too short*

I prefer cake because it's less sweet than a Pie. Pie usually have too much fillings and I don't really like the texture of it.
Are we talkin about Pie as in dinner pie or as in dessert Pie ?
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