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Full Version: Wz Update [10/10/19]
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It's that time of month again!
Quote:If you notice anything weird or out of the ordinary, please freaking @ me in the #support channel on Discord. Chances are, I missed or forgot something. If you don't tell me something's broken, it won't get fixed. If you do not use or have a Discord, then make one. It only takes 2min tops to make and is the best place to get support as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation!

▸More new items yay cool!

▸Our WZ files' encryption has been updated, so downloading and replacing ALL files in the current WZ update will be required if you'd like to continue playing.

▸Updated map edits found here and here.

▸Updated damage skins found here.

▸Updated cursor & etc edits found here.

▸Updated skill edits found here, here and here.

▸Updated our client to one that has GFX bugs and crashes fixed. If anything seems off, weird or too different, you can find our old clients here, under MapleKey Clients Only.

Click HERE to download the new WZ.

Click HERE if you wish to play on 800x600 resolution (downloading the full MapleKey setup is still required).

Have fun!